How to Embed A Facebook Video In A Webpage or Blogpost


Do I need another hit of caffeine or should I have a herbal tea?
Shall I do the rainy dog walk or snuggle with a good book and blankie?
Can I get away with doing the Tesco run in jeans and cow-poo-covered welly boots, or do I need to put on ‘town’ clothes? (Maybe that last one is just me?!)

Let me take at least ONE gnarly decision off your plate today dear reader!

If you’re creating videos for your business – and you should be, the question comes up : “Should I put it on Facebook, or on my website? Which will get me the best traction and ensure more people see it?” The good news is that you don’t have to make that choice – you can do BOTH very easily! So read on to discover WHY you should be doing both, and HOW to embed a Facebook Video in a webpage or blogpost!

Why You Should Be Doing Both

At the moment Facebook are massively promoting video and giving it great organic reach in the newsfeed, so it makes complete sense to make sure you DO share your videos on Facebook, and that your do it in the way that they want it done – which is uploaded directly to Facebook (what’s called native video)

However, you don’t want your website to become the poor relation in terms of content, so it makes sense that you would ALSO want to have your videos on your website as well. This way – regardless of where your audience finds you or prefers to consume your content (via your website, or via Facebook) they still get to enjoy your video content.

How To Embed the Video

Create your video as you normally would. Then YES, upload it to your Facebook page directly using the regular Photo/Video option in your new Facebook post (ie in what’s called native video format). Hit publish, and enjoy the adulation of your Facebook fans and followers.

Then – in the top right hand corner of this newly published Facebook Video Post, click on the drop-down arrow, and select ‘Embed’ (it might be under the See More Options section if you don’t see it in the menu straight away). A window will open with the Embed code in it. Copy the code.

Then, on your website you need to Paste that embed code onto your webpage (or blogpost). I prefer to do it using the Text window, rather than Visual Editor. Also, you need to make sure the code is on its OWN separate line within the page, or post. Then you can go ahead and publish your Webpage or Blogpost as normal, and viola – you should see your Facebook video embedded there, ready for your website visitors to enjoy. And for bonus points, when they watch the video there on your blog, as it is still a Facebook video – they can Facebook Like or Share it right from within your blog.

So there you have it – a simple way to leverage one piece of content across two of your key platforms. What some might call….having your cake AND eating it!

how to embed a facebook video

1) Select EMBED from the menu on your published Facebook video post.


embedding facebook video

2) Copy the HTML embed code for the post which Facebook gives you.


adding video embed code to your blogpost

3) Paste the code into your webpage or blogpost, on its own separate line.


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