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When You Can Show Your Prospects You Truly Understand

Their Pain and Problems, Their Hopes and Desires…

Buying From YOU Becomes Their Compelling Solution


You already know that a thriving business needs ongoing leads, clients and sales.

But creating all your marketing messages to keep that ball rolling is a big undertaking when you’re already juggling so much else in your business.

Conversion copy – the core of all your marketing – is the golden thread which pulls it all together, and it’s what I specialise in.

It’s what goes straight to the heart of your prospects feeling heard and understood.

For that brief moment time stops and your reader is pulled into a compelling vision of hope; a better version of themselves and their life.

Copy creates emotion.

It moves people to take action.

Whether it’s to give you their attention, or to opt in, or to purchase…


Conversion Copy is the fuel which gives your business

More Clicks and Leads


More Sales From First Time and Repeat Buyers


A Greater Return On Your Marketing Investment


You might be wondering…

“What is


Copy is words that make you money. It’s the words that build all your marketing messages, position you as an expert, and persuade people to choose you.

Great copy is connection. It resonates with your audience, wins you more clients and gets the cash register ringing.

“How will copy help

my business?”

I specialise in “conversion copy”. This is what compels customers to take action – click to find out more, buy your solutions, and stay around for what else you have.

Touch your clients’ hearts and minds. Copywriting speaks to your clients’ fears and desires. They feel understood so want to buy YOUR products and solutions.

“Why do I need a pro


You’re busy in your business. Great copy isn’t something which can be left to chance. It’s what I do best for your business, so you can focus on what you do best in your business.

Copy keeps on working for you. It’s like having a salesperson in print, always positioning your authority, and bringing more clicks, clients and sales.

This is what conversion focused copy can help you achieve…

Attract your ideal clients

Create the messages that woo the hearts and minds of the clients you most love to work with

Create loyal subscribers

Be sure yours are the emails that always get read with subscribers who are happy to have you in their inbox and excited to be buying from you

Grow your leads list

Elegantly take prospects from ‘who are you?’ to ‘tell me more!’ with ads and optins that grow your email list every week

Increase your revenue

Let the copy do the heavy lifting to do the selling for you and optimise customer lifetime value, so you can focus on awesome service for your clients

Ready For Some Conversion Copy To Grow Your Business?

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I trust her implicitly with my brand and my business

“Tanya is quite simply amazing at navigating the ever-changing waters of Facebook Ads and their tricky Terms of Service!! I’ve used her for campaigns ranging from Content Promotion to Lead Generation and I trust her implicitly with my brand and my business!

She always has my results as her foremost priority!

I recommend any small to large business set up a strategy session with her and then HIRE her quickly! She will become an invaluable asset to your growth.”

Carrie Wilkerson, The Barefoot Executive

Author, Speaker, Consultant

I highly recommend Tanya as a business partner

“As President of a Coach Training organization, my goal is to continue to deliver high quality training for my students. I hired Tanya to develop and deliver a content rich, high quality, customized and affordable module on getting clients and she over-delivered! The students raved about her training and how she helped them understand the ‘what and why’, and most importantly create an implementation plan on ‘how’ to get clients. I highly recommend Tanya as a business partner.”

Janice LaVore-Fletcher

Founder and President, Christian Coach Institute

Words Are Vanity, Results Are Sanity!

Let’s cut to what really matters – Results!


Here’s a snapshot of some of results achieved with the businesses we’ve partnered with. Click the tabs above to see more

We’ve worked with a variety of different businesses – including global ‘Personality’ driven brands as well as Brick ‘n Mortar businesses. This gives us the unique position of having been able to help widely varying business styles get results.

Global Speaker, Author and Business Coach

We ran a Lead Generation campaign which resulted in 1,325 brand new targeted leads being added to her business at an average cost of $2.01 per lead. She was then able to ascend them into her funnel for paid programs and coaching.

High Level Executive Coach, Speaker, Author and Educator


With his previous marketing each week’s vlog was getting only a couple of hundred views. We are now getting his vlog content viewed by a targeted audience of thousands, for pennies per view, to introduce him to a new audience, which we are able to follow up with a ‘nurture and convert’ Lead Generation campaign. Following on from this we are now getting targeted Leads for less than $1.50 per lead on average, with a 76% conversion rate on the optin page.


Large Independent Retail Store


With staff of over 100 this Store was struggling to stay relevant in the face of local ‘chain store’ competition. We used a combination of Ads and Contests (promoted by ads) to build their fanpage from zero to over 4,000 hyper-local fans, and add over 1,000 local people to their marketing email list. They are now able to email out seasonal offers and promotions any time they want to increase footfall in the store, as well as target Facebook offers to local customers.

Holiday Cottage Accommodation Provider

This was a brand new Holiday Cottage, which, following renovation, had no presence in the market at all. We ran a targeted campaign to promote the Holiday Cottage specifically to people wanting to bring their dog on holiday. With a modest start up ad budget of £100 we got 2 direct holiday bookings, worth multiple times the value of the ad cost,  plus we established them with their target market, which created further interest for future bookings.