3 Speedy Ways To Boost Seasonal Profits With Facebook Ads

3 Speedy Ways To Boost Seasonal Profits With Facebook Ads

3 Speedy Ways To Maximise Your Seasonal Sales with Facebook Advertising

Whether it’s Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Bank Holidays, Summer, Halloween, Bonfire Night or National Days there are lots of different seasonal opportunities during the year to tap into which can which can be an important boost for the trading year for many businesses!

Facebook ads to increase christmas profits

The joy of using Facebook as part of your marketing strategy is firstly that you can go from nothing to having a live Ad being seen by your ideal customers within a matter of hours, and secondly the targeting on Facebook ads is so good that you’re not wasting money on ads being shown to people who aren’t your ideal audience – just showing them to those most likely to want to buy from you!

So here are 3 simple and speedy ways you can increase your sales and ride these seasonal spending tidal waves, using Facebook ads.

Most businesses will just use Facebook marketing to throw up a post with an offer, and hope that their fans will run to take advantage of it.

But with a bit more thought, and some strategies that most businesses aren’t bothering to make the most of – you can get better results and better returns on your marketing investment beyond the initial activity :

  1. An Offer For Current and Past Customers

You might think that it’s not worth bothering to use Facebook Ads to make offers to current and past customer, because they’re on your email database already (I hope!) so you can just email them, right? Well, yes. But not everyone will receive the email, and not everyone will open and read the email.

Given that people who’ve already done business with you are far more likely to do business with you again, than someone who’s never been a customer of yours, then it’s worth making sure this particular group of people definitely see your marketing message – preferably in several different ways – such as email, direct mail (yes, the put-it-in-the-post-box variety) and in social media.

So – with Facebook you have the ability to create what’s called a Custom Audience. You can enter the emails of your Customer List, and Facebook will match up as many of them as possible with Facebook ID’s and create a Custom Audience of that group of people.

You can then create a special ‘Customer Only’ offer for them and using Facebook Ads you can select that ONLY this Custom Audience sees the ad.

This is a great way to thank and reward people for being your customers, and also to re-engage past customers with a tempting offer.

We all like to feel that businesses value our custom, which is why so many stores have loyalty cards. Using Facebook Ads you can quickly set up these ‘customer only’ type offers and create the same kind of loyalty with your customers!

spring sale picture


  1. A Special Offer For New Customers

All businesses need a steady flow of new customers, and Facebook Ads can be a valuable targeted way of reaching out and attracting new targeted customers with a tempting Christmas offer. The key word in that last sentence is ‘targeted’.

If for example your ideal customers are women aged 20 – 55 within a 20 mile radius of your business who like yoga and pilates, how on earth can you reach only them with your ads? Through the lovely Facebook Ads targeting tools – yes you can be that targeted!

(Compare that with an ad in your local paper, which means you’re targeting everyone – male and female, aged 18 – 80, who like?…..well, who knows – because there’s no way of being that targeted with a print ad, it just gets seen by whoever buys that paper)

So you can create a tempting ‘New Customer’ offer for them – to come and try you out, and advertise it JUST to people who are not your Facebook Fans or existing customers.

Again, if you wish you can set it up so that they enter their email in exchange for a ‘Try us out’ new customer voucher or discount code for example – and that way you now have them on your email database, for continued opportunities to market to them well beyond Christmas, and onwards into 2015 and beyond.

Imagine how powerful it is to be able to segment your different offers and ads so that they speak directly to either your current customers OR potential new customers. You can write really targeted ads that way, knowing that each audience needs to hear a slightly different message – and the tools within Facebook ads will allow you to do that.

  1. A Contest

People love to win things – so you can easily tap into this with a contest run through Facebook. I recommend you use one of the Facebook compliant 3rd party apps to do this, such as Shortstack or Heyo.

seasonal marketing

Decide what your prize is going to be. Set up a simple contest (such as a sweepstakes), then promote it with a Facebook post and ads to your target audience, which can include both fans and non fans so that new potential customers will also see it and enter.

You can ask people to like the Facebook post and comment, but not to share it as a condition of entry (although in reality quite a few people will share the post which in turn will increase its viral reach).

The reason why I recommend using the 3rd party app is that you can make a condition of entry to the contest that they have to enter their email address. You then have that email address on your email database – which means that AFTER the contest has ended, you can then email all the people who didn’t win, with a commiserations offer! For example :

‘Thank you so much for entering our XYZ contest on Facebook. Unfortunately you didn’t win this time, but to thank you for taking the time to enter we would love to offer you a Voucher for ABC to use next time you visit us – we look forward to seeing you!’

This is HUGE – and it’s the one thing that most people running contests on Social Media usually totally overlook! The value of running the contest is not so much the interest it spikes during the contest, but the email list you’re building of entrants, who you can carry on marketing too (in an ethical way) indefinitely.

TIP : The secret to good contests is to make the non-winners still feel valued and that they’ve ‘got’ something out of the process, so they don’t regret entering, and to make sure the prize offered in the first place is relevant to your business so that people will only enter the contest if they are also by default interested in what your business offers.


Finally, when you’re creating your offers remember these key points:

Make sure it IS a genuine offer. If you’re offering 20% off, for example – be sure that this IS 20% off the proper regular price.

Use a limiter on the offer, and state it clearly – this will prompt more people to take action for fear of missing out. So this could be a time limit e.g. ‘This offer is available ONLY until X Time on Y Date’. Or it could be an amount limit e.g. ‘This offer is available to the first 50 people only’

Remember that offers don’t always have to be based on reducing your core price. They can be adding more value to something instead, for example

  • A free dessert with every meal
  • 2 nights extra holiday (pay for 5 nights stay for 7)
  • A free bottle of salon shampoo with every haircut
  • An additional one-to-one support call added on to a group coaching programme


So as you can see – these 3 strategies using Facebook Ads and marketing can help your business profits in a raft of different ways :

  • Build your Facebook fanbase (perfect for future ongoing marketing)
  • Increase your email marketing list, for valuable ongoing marketing opportunities
  • Re-engage with past customers to get them buying again
  • Encourage current customers to remember why they love you, and pop in and spend more with you
  • And reach new prospective customers in a very targeted way, for better ROI on your adspend!

Love The Opportunity For Increased Profits Here But…..

We currently help our clients do all of the above, with excellent results. So if you love the ideas I’ve shared here, and would like to use them in your business, but haven’t got time to set it all up and run the Facebook Ad campaigns drop us a quick email at Tanya@morebusinessbuzz.com and we can have a chat about how we can help YOUR business get more customers and make more sales!




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19 Responses to Video Marketing On The Fly For Your Business

  1. Patricia says:

    Great information. I’ve bookmarked it so I have access to easily check out the apps. I love the video and the adorable child’s commentary in the background. Reminds me of our little community’s July 4th celebration parade.

  2. The phone actually sometimes makes better videos than a camera. I’ve used mine and it actually is great

  3. agree video is hot! Frankly, for a lot of people, it’s akin to asking them to step up in front of a crowd, on stage, and make a speech. Fear sets in and as for the video, apprehension just makes it more difficult to create! great article! great job! p

    • Very true Patricia – it does frighten a lot of people. A great way to get over that fear of talking to the camera and get used to it is to have someone video you talking WITH someone else about the business e.g a short Q&A. It feels more natural to talk to another person, rather than to camera – and the viewer is used to seeing this a lot anyway.

  4. Beth Niebuhr says:

    Great advice on how to create simple videos and use them for your business.

  5. Sundi Jo says:

    Thanks for sharing these tips. Gonna share with my followers.

  6. Great post! I’ve been working to create videos for my business and slowly but surely the “umms” and “ahhs” are decreasing! Lol! Just shot a random short video yesterday that included an event tip and I totally messed up one of the main words! I laughed at myself and continued on…named it my “Trade Show Blooper”! Thanks for the great tips!

  7. Great tips! I’ve yet to launch fully into videos, I put one up last week for a group coaching session. Wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be, so encouraged! Great post, thanks. :)

  8. Great tips! I’m one of those holding out – you’re inspiring me to let go of my trepidation and just do it!

  9. Yakini says:

    I really like this. We were just talking about using video to connect more to her audience. I truly believe that when people see you and hear your voice they connect even more to you. I bookmarked this one. Thanks!!!

  10. Kae Whitaker says:

    You know I never really remember to use my video on my phone for business when I’m working. When I think of video I always think of it as something that must be professionally done and will take a lot of time, money, and effort. Thanks for the tips. I think I’m going to try some of those really soon!

  11. Holly Jean says:

    Video is becoming more and more important to an effective marketing strategy! Thanks for the beginner tips!

  12. Awww, I love horses… what program do you use to edit your video on your phone. I REALLY need to add some to my business… but who has “extra” time these days. Looking forward to the 5 vids every business should have! Thanks!

  13. I agree with you on that one! I’ve had my share of camera / video recorders and the best one is the one that you will use! (as you said)

  14. Beth Blacker says:

    I haven’t embraced video yet but your point is well made…thanks for the great information!

  15. Vicky Savellis-Grant says:

    Love your examples of what to shoot on the fly. Thank you.

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